Lehae La Rona in Delmas

Delmas town is situated east of Johannesburg in Mpumalanga, South Africa. The town is located some 19 km north-east of Springs and 73 km south-east of Pretoria.

  • Room 1
  • 2x Sleeper

Guest House


Per Night

  • Room 5
  • 4x Sleeper

Modern Guest House


Per Night

  • Room 2
  • Leisure



3 hours



Pre-arrival refers to all activities incurred prior to making a arrangement with the guest house It mainly involves all steps that a guest takes to find a suitable guest house and secure a booking. Through the business website, the guest house will ensure that all the necessary information is available on the website. Pictures of the interior and exterior of the guest house will be available on the website. Front staff will ensure that all enquiries made by guests are responded to promptly and in a courteous manner.


This refers to the stage at which the guest arrives at the guest house. The guest will be courteously greeted and welcomed to the guest house. They will then checkdate in at reception and be shown to their rooms.


As the business will only offer one type of room, it will not make use of significant price different structures. The business will charge in the region of R400 - R475 per person per night.

Service Offering

Lehae La Rona Guest House contributes to the hospitality industry and primarily specialises in offering accomodation to domestic as well as small medium sized corporate clients.


Occupancy stage is where the registered client or guest occupies a room in the guest house. Staff members of the guest house will ensure that the guests are well taken of and that their experience is a memorable one.


This is the stage at which the guests sign out of the guest house. Staff will ensure that the checkout procedure is pleasant to the customers. Where necessary, the guests will be assisted in terms of taking their luggage to their vehicles.